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 The Taylor Historical Society is proud to make available for no more than the cost of shipping and handling DVDs of the interviews that we have completed with residents of the Town of Taylor. These interviews cover topics from the experience of attending a one room school. to farming methods and the many events, both personal and public that have taken place over time in the Town of Taylor. We hope that these examples of oral history will be enjoyed.

Colin Mac Rae   talks about growing up in mid century Taylor and Cincinnatus. Video recording.

Paul Loomis   relates tales of hunting and trapping in Union Valley. Video recording.

Robert Fuller  reminisces about childhood, school and service in the military. Video recording.

Hugh Comfort gave us tales about the CCC Camp and the residents of Taylor Valley Road. Video recording.

Kathryn Elwood is a font of knowledge concerning one room schools and all things to do with home making. Video recording.

Rollan Elwood talks about school, playtime and various phases of farming in the Taylor area. This is an Audio recording.

Anyone wishing a copy of any of the above can reach us at info@taylorhistoricalsociety.com.

Current pictures and videos of the current activities of the Taylor Historical Society can be viewed on the Home page of this web site.

The archival material is being cataloged in the Digital Museum being put together by the Society members and the town's people of Taylor and will be available in the near future.